Decorating Dining Room Using Black Furniture

Black furniture in a dining room of your Brook Highland Place Apartments can be used for accommodating any palette and decorating style. The décor should be chosen for enhancing the existing features of the room and also keep in mind the mood that you want to convey. From contemporary and loud to traditional and quiet, it is what you prefer personally that determines how your dining area is going to be decorated.  Here are some ideas, however, that you should consider in this regard.

As for the walls, buttery yellow can help in mellowing the mood when you have a dining space that uses black furnishings all around. Or, if you want an intensified stark contrast then you should keep the walls white. Give your room a colorful punch by using apple green color to paint the walls as it will greatly complement black furnishings. Soothing neutral ambiance can be achieved in the dining room of your apartments for rent if you have the walls painted in gray tones. A white ceiling can be a perfect choice to go with literally any color on the walls while adding brilliant contrast against your black furniture.

Some flair can be added to your dining space by using floor-length draperies having gold-colored silky fabric to cover the bare windows. A sophisticated atmosphere can be created by combining gold-colored draperies with black furniture. It is also a good idea to go for white shades that tend to be energy-efficient and help in brightening up your dining space that already contains dark furniture. Using chandeliers can help in creating the specific style of decoration in the dining space. Tuscan décor can be enhanced by hanging the rustic wrought-iron chandelier on your black-colored dining table. As an alternate, you can hang a chandelier having sparkling prisms right above your dining table for giving an elegant look to space.

It is a good idea to intermingle your all-black dining set with some colorful chairs. Get upholstered replacements of your current dining chairs in different style. Go for bright and red colors for boosting visual energy, or use sage green upholstered furniture for creating calming atmosphere. Leopard prints can be a great choice for adding that exotic flair in your dining space. Small motifs can be stenciled on different black furniture items like sideboards, serving carts, or china cabinets for creating eye-catching pieces. For stencils, use paint which becomes prominent against black furniture. Gold and silver can be good choices.

Incorporate appropriate decorative accents in the dining room of your rental apartments for defining the decorating style when black furniture is used to furnish the room. For instance, a big size abstract painting full of colors can be used on one of the walls for emphasizing contemporary style. A gray-colored area rug with some geometric pattern would be a great choice to go under the dining table.